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Monday, September 19, 2005

Vomit, Cars & Courses

Yesterday went well - apart from the minimal sleep, the revolting cold Mr A has kindly given me, and mstr A making me feel really, really guilty for dragging him to work with me, just for him to feel unwell! He spent the morning alternately curled up on a mat on the floor, whimpering, or cuddled up on my lap while I tried to lecture in a professional manner.

I thought it would be nice for him to come along & join in the practical sessions, but it was not to be. I called Mr A mid-morning to come collect him, but as he couldn't get to me till the afternoon, & mstr A said he was hungry at lunch time, I fed him a good lunch of pasta and flavoured milk. Unfortunately, there was just enough time for it all to mix together nicely in is stomach before he was put in Nanny's car to go home, and naturally, on the way home it all came back up. All over him, all over LMB & LMD, all over the car, all over everything! The joys of parenting.

Now a question for the blogging-world - how come the driving test is more difficult to pass now than ever before, yet so many people on the road still have no comprehension of the rules of the road? The theory test has been compulsory for over a decade now, but simple things like using your indicator, going round a roundabout, turning on your lights when it's dark, seem beyond the majority of drivers! So, in the vain hope that someone might stop & think, here's some general rules to think about:

When it's dark or raining, turn your lights on
When its foggy, turn your fog lights on
When it's not foggy TURN THEM OFF
When intending to turn, or change lanes use your indicators
ONLY use your indicvators when intending to turn, or change lanes
We drive on the left, stay in the left hand lane

I mean, these are not difficult rules to follow are they? I expect people to drive like imbeciles
(I rode a motorbike round London every day for 9 years, and never had a serious accident because I assumed everyone else on the road was a homicidal maniac, out to get me personally), but sometimes even I get caught out.

OK, rant over. For now.

On the plus side, I finally heard back from my college - I start the course on Friday (the course started last week, but they weren't organised enough to let me know I was on it!). Looking forward to using my brain again, and meeting some adults:-)


  • At Tuesday, September 20, 2005 1:20:00 pm, Blogger Mary P. said…

    Here's a description of someone I used to know:

    When changing lanes, he hunches over the wheel, shoulders to his ears, awaiting a space that never happens - because he never signals in advance, only AS he makes the change. Very useful, that. Oh, and curses out the other drivers for not reading his mind and letting him in.

    This exemplifies the many reasons why he's in the past tense in my life!


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