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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's the little things

Why is it that children can have endless fun over the most mundane tasks? We've just spent almost an hour getting dressed, with shrieks of laughter (and occasional bouts of crying when it goes wrong), at least half a mile running around per person, and sporadic shouting by me as they get sidetracked into playing with something else completely.

Of course, I blame Mr Aginoth. On the few occasions he gets a child dressed, he always makes a game out of it, putting pants on his head & socks on his hands etc. Which the kids think is hilarious, and is just fine if you've got unlimited time to dress one child. The problem is, most days I have very limited time to dress three children, so I tend not to stand for that kind of nonsense. @However, today I just let them got on with it, so Mstr A spent half an hour running around holding his clothes, but not actually doing anything with them, LM Blond took her pyjamas off quickly enough then stood in the middle of the room shouting "I'm naked", and baby deliberately waited till I took her nappy off before widdling all over me, my clean clothes and the sofa.

Once dressed, Mstr A decided to clean up the breakfast things (I don't know where he gets these ideas from!), so took the bowls out to the kitchen then reappeared with a single sheet of toilet paper to clean the table with. Obviously this was not suitable, so off he trotted, and came back with.........a single piece of toilet paper. he cleaned a few cm of table then repeated the process a few dozen times till he was happy with the result. While he was busy doing that, LM Blond was spending her time navewl gazing. Literally looking at her navel! Sometimes she is worryingly like BB's Jade: "I like blinking, me"


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