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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Introducing me

Well this is just going to be a collection of my thoughts, actions and mostly rants about my life as a 32 year old mother of three, typically juggling life, kids (1 at school, 1 at PT pre-school, 1 at home), work (employed), work (self-employed), husband, parents, siblings, keeping the house/garden, and a few bits of voluntary stuff too, cos I appear to be unable to attend any kind of meeting without offering to do something!

Some background to me: I live in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK in a big house that I don't keep clean, with my husband Aginoth (you can see his blog here - he's been at it for a while now!), Master Aginoth aged 5, little miss blond Aginoth age 2 (nearly) and little miss dark Aginoth aged 6 months. I work half time for a sports governing body, and also run my own training company teaching 1st aid & sports coaching (please look here to give me some work). I have 3 sisters (1 elder & twins younger) and 3 brothers (1 elder, 1 died aged 25, 1 I rarely hear from), seperated parents, both still alive & kicking, and a large number of in-laws that I can't really keep track of.

As it's the summer holidays here at the moment, life is comparitively easy, as there are no time contraints (school pick up at 3.20pm - it's the middle of the afternoon!), and both work's are slow at this time of the year. Of course it means I'm very skint at a time when all & sundry are asking me for money, but that's what overdrafts are for........

I spent last week at my mothers in London. Just me & the kids, Mr Aginoth had to stay home and work (lucky b*****, a whole week without kids). Apart from the screaming row we had on the way there (my mother & me), it went quite well. Now I have weeks of school hols at home on my own to look forward to - I'm sure you'll being hearing about some of it soon, but I'll stop rambling now and wait till I have something specific to say.

I hope people enjoy reading this, but really it's going to be a way for me to let off steam, so comment if you want, but be aware you may get dragged into a completely off track argument:-)


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