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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Communication, communiction, communication

is what it needs....... And apparently something that is completely lacking in the modern world:(

I checked my bank balance online this morning, as I regularly do. I had an unexpected credit in there! It was only showing up as "direct payment" on the summary, and no details will be available on my main statement for a while - so I decided to call the bank to ask where it ahd come from!

After a thorough search of the website, I finally found the number to call, and got through to the call centre, which my bank guarantees is in the UK somewhere, so spoke to a woman that I could understand perfectly for once! I explained what I wanted, and gave her my bank account details, at which point she told me she wouldn't speak to me as i had a business bank account with the same bank and had to go through them. I tried to explain it was a personal query and she refused to let me speak, talking over me until I asked her not to, at which point she put the phone down on me!!!!!!

Well! I was not impressed with that! I had just asked her not to overspeak me! So I phoned right back and asked to speak to a manager to put a formal compliant in. The manager said that as lazy call centre girl had not yet gone through ID checks with me, she couldn't take the complaint! I asked if the complaint would be logged and she said no, there was no way to do that if the ID checks had not been completed on the computer, and they would always assume their employees innocence if there was not taped evidence. When I pointed out that gave leeway for any staff member to spend as long as they liked swearing or saying whatever they wanted, provided they didn't put the ID details into the compute, the manager just gave a verbal shrug, and said, their staff wouldn't do that! yeah right..... I suggested that perhaps their procedures should be updatyed and could she log a formal complaint about that, and she said no, that was nothinhg to do with her!

At whcih point I said that I would be closing my account. So I am now off to town to do so.......

I have now found out where the credit came from - it was from Family Fund. They didn't bother to send me a letter, or email, or phone call to let me know they would be crediting my bank account! In fact, considering I applied in January, and have since called them three times, written three times and emailed five times - and only recieved one letter back form them ever, perhaps I shpouldn't be surprised! As the credit was for an unexpected amount, now I don't know if I am allowed to re-apply next year or not, which is a bit annoying..... but I doubt that I have much hope of getting an answer out of them!

On another note, Mstr A's sports trip was not a great success:( They went to the pool first = Mstr A has never been swimming unaccompanied before, not because his swimming is not good enough, buit a child with no social skills in a crowded public pool is not a good idea! Apparently he got "over-excited" (which I expect means he splashed/shouted/jumped on other kids etc) and was whistled at by the lifeguards a couple of times - which obviously he ignored. A whistle in a swimming pool makes perfect sence to lifeguards (I know - I used to teach them for years), but NOT to an Aspie child. he probably either didn't hear them , or didn't realise it applied to him. Anyway, the lifeguards got annoyed that he ignored them, and eventually threw him out of the pool & he was sent back to school in disgrace:( Fortunately his LSA called the sports centre and explained, and he went back for the afternoon session & did trampolining & badminton, but all in all, not the most sucesful day.


  • At Thursday, July 23, 2009 5:45:00 pm, Blogger Sleepypete said…

    The lack of ID checks adds another curiosity to the pot ...

    When was CallCentreGirl going to verify that you were the proper owner of either account ? So much in the news about identity theft at the moment, so little care from the call centre person. With that being backed up by reprehensible procedures from the managers.

    Interesting ... Makes me wonder whether I should be investigating alternate banks.


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