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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Back to life, back to reality....

Well, we all went back to our normal lives today - or almost anyway. Work changed their policy saying that unless I was symptomatic I needn't stay away any longer, so i went in today. Which was nice TBH LOL

We sent Mstr A & LMB into school as well - LMB hasn't really been that ill and was happily running around in the rain yesterday, but once she got to school she complianed that she felt sick, so of course, they sent her right home again. Oh well. I guess we'll never convince them to let her back in this week - and school finishes on Friday anyway. her teacher is a bit of a drama queen over any kind of illness anyway. I'm quite looking forward to her getting a new teacher, who will, hopefully, be a bit stricter with the whole class! I was going to send LMD in too, but Aggie decided that it wasn't worth the fight for two days (she breaks up on Thursday) so she gets to stay at home too.......

So poor old Mstr A is the only one in - and his LSA is off sick (although he got another one - I don't know who he stole her from LOL). However, he was awarded the most improved of his class certificate today - and won a trip to the local leisure centre for the whole day tomorrow, so he is delighted. Swimming & trampolining & tennis (hmmmm, he might manage two player games) and field games (not at all sure about that one - but he likes to run around the feild at least!). the award was for improved behaviour and completing work, which I suppose has greatly improved over the past year (this time last year he was suspended.....), but still, in my mind he still has a long way to go. I wonder what criteria the school uses to chose the recipients of the awards - there is only one per class.

I still haven't been made redundant from work - I'm starting to think they're not going to tell us until AFTER the school holidays now grrrr. If they hang on that long I won't want it any more! I'm not sure what Aggie is going to do with the kids for 6 weeks - I'm a bit concerned, judging from the past few days, that he will just leave them to watch TV/play on game boys all day:( I've signed up with Barnados to see if we can get Mstr A on any of their trips & things - there are not many places that can take him now he's getting older:( On the plus side, I've said to CAB that I won't be back until September, so I will have my days off actually with the kids this summer. I've already planned next week - we're off to Paulton Park (fantastic place, especially for youngish kids) and to visit my best man, who after over a decade of trying and some really awful experiences has a new healthy baby boy to coo over:) I haven't seen her for years, so it will be great to catch up.


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