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Saturday, July 18, 2009


well, we were supposed to be at Berkeley Castle Skirmish this weekend. One of the best multi-group re-enactments in the south of the country:( I'm really annoyed we're missing it tbh. Especially as LMB is barely ill and no-one else ahs shown any symptoms (yet).

Of course, it is quite possible she doesn't have swine flu, and is just a bit under the weather with some summer bug! If the media hadn't been making such a fuss about the wholke thing I would have given her some junior paracetemol & sent her to school yesterday - but just in case it is, we are stuck at home..... The other two are not officially banned from school, but parents of siblings are being lynched at the school gates if they take the siblings in, and tbh, the school probably won't mind not having Mstr A there for the last week.....

Still, it has given a chance to get on with some stuff at home. I now have a nice big bath in my garden to soak my willow in, we have rediscovered the lawn underneath all the brambles, and the den has a new chest of drawers to help keep the kids toys tidy (yeah right!). I am going to try and get a load of stuff down to the tip tomorrow - surely that can't count as breaking quarantine?

Little friend from down the road - who obviously comes from a decidedly dodgy family, but is allowed out to play without several weeks worth of organising - came round today to play with the girls. I sent him back to tell his mum we had SF and he reappeared a few seconds later saying mum said it was ok to play anyway:) so the kids had a good few hours out in the garden too, which was great:)

If we are all still symptom free on Monday I will probably call work & see if I can go back. it seems silly to stay off atm.....


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