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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Will I never learn?

hmmmm, When I finally made it to Christmas, and saw the end of the fostering course, the NAS EArlybird course and my CAB training,, I thought that I might finally find a bit of time to sort myself out, have some me time occasionally and also to get on with my college course.

But, lets be honest, I'm not really too good at me time:)

Obviously 3 days a week are taken up with work. I have to do at least one day a week at CAB, and am hoping to try to get some phone work in on occasional Thursdays too when I am a bit more practised (we're only open for phone advice on Thursdays). I need at least 1 full day a week for collecge course really, if I've got any hope of getting it all done in time for the exam. The first aid teaching is picking up again a little bit, as the regulations will be changing this October and people are trying to get courses in before they cost even more:) So my weekends are starting to get booked up. Plus Mstr A asked if I could teach him some first aid, and I thought it would be a nice idea to offer it to the school - so I am booked in to teach kids at school for a morning a week most weeks through to the summer. With re-enactment season just round the corner, and the pre-season work already starting, I'm quickly running out of time.......


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