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Thursday, January 08, 2009

my week

Well, I seem to be getting very lax in posting again:(

Oh well, what's been going on?

I went back to work on Monday, which was particulalrly depressing as I was working for the "secretary eater" in the firm. To my knowledge he has gone through at least 5 secretaries since i started less than a year ago - all of whom have asked to be taken off him after various attempts at negotiation! He's been secretaryless for the past few months, so all of us centrals have had a go with him:) I personally have never had a real run in, but he is hard work. I can't really pinpoint why, and am not sure its his fault poor bloke (although some of it definitely), but his manner just makes you always feel that you haven't done a good enough job.......

Then, without pause I spent Wednesday doing my supervised interviews at the CAB. This meant that I had to get all my work signed off by my tutor (well nearly all - I had missed a couple of modules which I need to catch up during the next few weeks), then actually DO the real advising for whoever turned up that day, while being observed by my tutor to make sure I was safe to be let loose. I had a nice mix of clients actually - one with a housing issue, one with benefits and one with general assistance, and got a lovely report from my tutor, who said i had a "very reassuring manner". Wow! I didn't feel that self assured, but......

So now I am officially allowed to advise clients on my own, and am on the rota for one day each week! Gulp!

As promised to myself, I have finally got my college course out and started it properly. I wrote half an essay today, and will half the other half ready to be sent off this weekend. With nothing other than a book and an essay question to go on, I am not at all convinced it's any good, but that;s the problem with online learning:( I still don't see what I've paid for! i would have thought an email address for a tutor at least! Still, I have made myself a timetable, and am determined to stick to it for this module at least, since I've already paid. Whether i will carry on is another thing, and I am not at all sure atm.

My mother gave us some money for Xmas, and we are going to buy ourselves a nice new table with it. We want a good solid one, with room for all of us to sit at together again (Something we've not been able to do since LMD came out of the highchair) and strong enough for the kids to clamber up on safely and to hold whatever we might throw at it. That sort of things comes in at £500+ new, so we've been checking ebay, and today went off to a local auction to check out quality & prices. I don't think we'll have any problem getting what we want for a decent price. It's just a matter of waiting for the right one to turn up. I can understand how dangerous auctions can be though. Even I was tempted a couple of times (not enough to actually bid any money, obviously), and I am notoriously difficult to get money out of:) There were some surprises - the fullo set of encyclopeadia britannica (no longer availoable in paper form) did not sell, not even for £1, but the full 16 volumes of the Oxford History of Britain (stillaavailable, but pricey), which was VERY tempting, went for over £60! We were hoping to get that for £1, and the old scythe which has to be utterly useless to anyone, but still went for £20...... wierd.

And finally......

Beware of asking a 3 year old questions: Conversation between Aggie & LMD in a restuarant today;

LMD - "I'm drawing a picture of me. 1st you draw a circle, and then you put in the eyes....."
she draws some more random things
Aggie; "whats that you're drawing now?"
LMD, loudly, showing great enthusiasm, "That's my 'gina!"
as I crease up in laughter, "then you draw the legs and the ears and the cheeks"


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