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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Still doing it myself

Now that LMB's room is all finished (well, just the desk to cut to size and fit), and her stuff is pretty much all up there in lovely little storage boxes we bought for her (humph - that room cost us a fortune in the end!), we've started turning her old room into Mstr A's new one.

Actually, he was in that room before - just a few years ago, we moved him out when LMD was born, and so it had originally been decorated for him, in a tasteful blue & silver, with stick big borders to keep it aghe appropriate, we thought we'd never have to do it again. But then when the ceiling leaked last year, we4 got the insurance company to splash for all new docorations, and made it VERY pink for LMB, who was in there then. Mstr A's favourite colour is pink, so I was having a hard time explaining to him why I wanted to paint over it all:) But someone at school must have said something, cos he suddenly decided pink was a girls colour and everyone would laugh if he kept it. I was hoping to paint over the wall paper that was already there, but when we took the fairy border off too much ripped, so £100 spent at B&Q yesterday for new paper.

Between them, Aggie & Mstr A chose a lovely light blue, fairly plain paper. I spent yesterday stripping (oooer) which hurt my rib no end - grrrrr! And today, Aggie put it all up - between watching the first series of Gavin & Stacy:) Now the room looks fab - I always knew it ought to be blue:)

Mstr A will be in there before Xmas. Yay!



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