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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The beginning of the end

The year is rapidly running towards its close - and I can't believe how fast its gone past - or how much has happened in 2008! This time last year we had only just had confirmation that Aggie would be leaving work, and had no idea what the future held. Mstr A still hadn't been officially diagnosed and was struggling with life in the juniors, and I had just been told that my firm was closing down & I would be out of work soon.

Since then, we have sorted out our financial situation and know where we are each month, Mstr A has been diagnised and we have attended the Early Bird course, given us a much better understanding of what Aspergers is, I've got a new job, started at the CAB and completed the fostering course! Oh yes, and passed my exams, re-qualified as a tutor and bought a motorbike:)

It's been a busy year all in all! This week I have been attending the final course for the CAB training. I've got two more days next week, then a final day at the local bureaux, then in the new year I will start working with "real" clients. First under supervision, but quickly (probably just one day!) on my own. Gulp. It's been a long process, and I'm looking forward to getting into it properly now - terrified, but looking forward to it! The fostering course is also completed - I'm still waiting for a reply to my compliant to the council regarding their decision to pay less than minimum wage to our babysitter, and their "official" suggestion that we should lie to the inland revenue to cover it up for them! - but other than that, we are in the next stage now, which involves home visits, assessments etc, which will take place next year too. No wonder there is a shortage of foster carers - I reckon it will be two full years from when we first applied to when we actually become foster-carers - assuming we make it through the rest of the hoops OK!

But it looks like 2009 will generally be a more settled year than 2008 (I hope) We've pretty much completed the Xmas shopping, party season is just around the corner - and I'll get to wear my pretty new dress that Aggie bought for my birthday. I'm fairly certain my job is safe for as long as I want it to be. So tbh, I'm rather looking forward to this year ending now, and starting anew.


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