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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Too busy

It's just getting busier and busier at Casa Aginoth. i do have time to sit and think, but not the mental capacity left to think about much by the time that time comes!

Working 3 days a week was definitely the right move, and allowed me to stay in work, which is great, but working 30 miles away, although not far in the grand scheme of things, is still a long way away to go each day - and depressing to consider each evening that i will have to traipse through the rain/sleet/cold in the morning. And I miss daylight now too:(

We're still attending the NAS early bird course on fridays. It's very useful, and giving us tons of ideas - some we already do, but lots we haven't tried before, so we, and the school, are trying to implement some with Mstr A. Which means his routine is being changed fairly regularly, and his behaviour naturally deteriorates on and off. he's got his first CAMHS assesment in a couple of weeks too, which might make things better. or worse. Who knows?

Then on Thursdays I'm still working my way through the CAB advisor training. It's tough going, but I'm positive its the right thing for me to do. There may even be a job in it after a few years:) There's getting to be quite a lot of homework though, and I can only get on the computer during office hours, which is a bit of a problem. ho hum.

I have signed up for the online version of the next part of my Law course. But TBH, I haven't got terribly far with that yet. I usually get panicy after Xmas and work hard then. Hopefully that will kick in again this year:)

We're also still thinking about fostering, so that's another course to fit in each week - this time for both of us.

It's half term at the moment, so the kids are off school. There was a parents evening just before they broke up. Apparently LMB has "low self esteem" because she will do her work perfectly well one-on-one, but just sits back quietly in class and doesn't push herself forard to answer questions. That doesn't mean that she has low self esteem in my book, more that she's lazy:) But we agreed to try and boost her up a bit. *sigh* Mstr A has had a really good term, and has apparently "hardly hidden under the table at all". hmmmmm, not sure that was as reassuring to me as the teacher meant it to be! we've also got to take them both to the doctors, Mstr a to try and get a physio appointment to see if we can try to stop the gait that is developing, and LMB because "she often has a funny tummy in the afternoon" so we need to get her checked for food intolerances! It couldn't possibly be tiredness, or boredom, or the fruit she eats each evening, or even attention seeking. oh no, teacher says take her to the doctor, so off we trot like obedient parents......

We're trying to get the bedrooms sorted out - Aggie has built the wall and sorted the electrics in the attic, and I've been painting it all. We've decided that we're going to really make a push with the DIY round the house and sort the place out a bit. I've also been clearing yet more stuff out & freecycling/chucking it.

Overall, it's just lots of stuff to juggle. something's gonna have to give soon......


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