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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paranoia & pennies

My mother once told me (well, more than once to be honest) that being a parent means going to bed feeling guilty every night.

Which, unfortunately, is true.

She failed to mention that I would suddenly acquire a wholly unprecedented paranoia about anything & everything to do with my kids AND guilt for feeling paranoid!!!

Ever since parents evening where they told me LMB was often unwell in the afternoon, it seems that she has been unwell! She's picked up a virus and been off for the last few days with a bit of a temperature and some sickness. I'm quite sure that she does not have any food intolerances (the great modern malady), but now I'm strting to worry what IS wrong with her. She is skinny as anything, but eats enough (not loads), tired in the afternoons but full of energy & constantly moving most days. I know, in my heart, that I would tell anyone else not to worry. But I worry!

Mstr A picks up his first pair of glasses on Tuesday:( Both me & Aggie were short sighted as children, so this is no great surprise, but I still feel bad about it. He doesn't really need something else to be teased about. We're also waiting for a physio appointment for him, but to help things along he started gymnastics this week. He was the only boy and twice the size of anyone else there, but really enjoyed uit. YAY! I went round with him - although I don't think he really needed me, I think perhaps the coach did:) As gymnastics is one of "my" sports, I was able to help with Mstr A, and others, and will just be a freebie coach for them for the term. Mstr A is even stiffer than Aggie - and he's crippled with arthritis, so we really need to work on that! Gymnastics os a good way to do that. Obviously, we had to start LMB off there as well, as she has been nagging for ages. Ho hum, more money....... and LMD wants to go now too.

Mstr A is also off on a school trip in a couple of weeks - £8 to go and stand in a cave and look at some rocks!!! WTF?

But, on the plus side, I got a £25 "encouragement award" from work for suggesting that having got rid of all their filing cabinets and put in very high shelving units, they may want to invest in some step stools. What a clever idea they said - well Duh! I'm pretty sure we pay someone a salary in the upper tax band to be the Health & Safety bloke on site, but apparently it didn'toccur to him that 4'6 lawyers would stand on their chairs to reach the 8' high shelves! Don't get me wrong, £25 is nice, but really.......


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