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Friday, November 21, 2008


Sometimes things happen at the wrong time:(

When we were moving all of LMB's room around last weekend I fell accross the railing of her bed. I winded myself pretty badly, but at the time thought I was probably OK - if I'd done any major damage to internal organs I'd have known about it! It felt pretty bruised across my stomach for a couple of days. But a few days ago I slept on that side, and when I woke up the pain had shifted onto my ribs - then yesterday I squashed it again and now it really hurts. I can't lift my right arm up very high, and I'm fairly certain I actually broke a rib. No point going to hospital now - they'll just give me a lecture on how I should've gone at the time, and that the only thing to do is rest it for 6 weeks. Ho hum.

Poor LMB is very ill - she's got a tempreture of 40*c (103?f) and was sick a couple of times in the night. I can get her temp down to about 39 with drugs etc but still. She's really lethargic and just unwell, poor thing. It is Friday, so when she didn't show any improvement by lunch time, I thought I'd better phone the Dr for an appointment. If she does have an infection or anything we need to get abti-biotics before the weekend! The surgery didn't ahve any appointments left for today (which I believe is illegal) but saqid they would pass the info on to a doctor, who would phone us back & if he felt it necessary, would call us in to see her. As she is 5 years old, running & high tempreture & complaining of a headache and dislike of lights, I reckon that any Dr who doesn't ask to see her is asking to be sued! Personally i think it's viral, but I'd like it checked!

But it's now 3.45pm, and still no phone call>:(*

We are supposed to be going off to our annual re-enactment end of year banquet this weekend. It's a big event, especially as its the groups 20th birthday this year. Awards are given, new rank attained and plenty of alcohol & good food consumed. I was really looking forward to going & enjoying it properly this year.

I think perhaps Sod and his Law may be working overtime round here atm!

*just got a call offering us an appointment for 4.30pm


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