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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

running just as fast as I can

Its been a busy time recently. the school holidays are (nearly) over. we made it through them without any really major incidents - despite the unbelievably awful weather. The new uniform is all bought, birthday parties are finished - LMB had hers last sunday - she suddenly realised she was a year younger than most of her classmates, but had a great party, with an amazing turn out for an August weekend - and a repectable haul of presents (only one Bratz, and many craft/practical things).

Mstr A discovered off road cycling - going off on an organised session a couple of weeks ago, and dragging Aggie and Sister S's new boyfriend out to the strawberry line over the weekend, which is great:) Perhaps a new (actual) hobby for him? But it will make him more ready to cycle to school each day which will be good for everyone.

I've signed up for the next year of my law course - having scraped the required pass last year as predicted. It was a scrape, but a pass is a pass - and lots of peple I know didn't manage that much, so I'm feeling smug enough. But it does mean that my local collegei s not running the course die to lack of demand, so I have to do an online version. I will have to dig out that motivation from somewhere i s'pose.

The CAB training s also intensifying a bit at them moment - I'm due to finish around January when I will be let loose on the pubkic! Gulp. But there is quite a lot to do before then - and a lot of training days to attend on top of the once per week theory sessions I was expecting. I'm really enoying it, and looking forward to doing the job, but I'm running out of time:(

So just to keep me occupied, I have decided to requalify as a first aid tutor again, and am off on that course for the next couple of days. It was a difficult decision, as I do not run many courses any more, but it's worth keeping the qualification for the few I do run, and to keep up to date myself!

Fortuntely the finances seem to be working out with me only working part time. I can't say we have any spare money, but we are making it through the week covering the mortgage, bills and food, which is pretty much all I can ask for atm. Although I'm still trying to find some way of buying Aggie a mobility scooter thing.... I do have to get on with looking at funding options for that! The kids still manage to make me feel guilty though - asking why I have to go to work and when is it a "mummy day" again:(

At least the re-enactment season is over now (well, one more to go, but it's not a child friendly one). We haven't been to so many this year, partly because we can't afford to go to every one, and partl ybecause the weather has been so bad. I've never knowsn a season like it! But TBH, I'm looking forward to some "free" weekends so that I can try to catch up on all the stuff that hasn't been done for ages - like decorating, cleaning, sorting out kids clothes, spending time together as a family, and, of course, seewing next years kit:)


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