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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

As Time goes by

Eight years seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye.

Then again, so much has happened since 13 August 2000 that i can't believe it's only been eight years!

how does that work?
13 August 2000
You can't see how tiny he was here - but look at those socks - they are size 0 and came up to his thighs:) I could cradle his head in the palm of my hand and his feet would just about tickle my elbow...

year by year he grew........
In no time at all he was average size for his age, enjoying life as a doted upon only child.

But even when a sister arrived, he stayed cheerful:)
and by the time a second sister arrived, he relished the role of "big brother"

Last year I suddenly realised he had become one of the biggest in his class at school, despite being the youngest!

And now, our family has been trough so many changes in eight years, that I can't even start to list them all! And my perfect little baby has turned into my unique Aspie boy.......
Happy Birthday Mstr A - 8 years old today.
I wonder what the next eight years will bring?

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