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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Time's up (almost)

I got my official letter today. The one that told me I'm losing my job. As I suspected, they are not being charitable and I finish on the 23rd January, exactly 364 days from when I started. Just in case I wanted to claim a full year:-) I'm not surprised, but a little annoyed as I specifically went to see the personnel manager (ha ha - he really can not manage his personnell!) before Xmas to ask if they were expecting me to leave when the family department closed in Feb or before, and was told that I would have to go by mid-Feb. Lucky i know how these people's minds work really! Although, it would cost about £400 to keep me on for the extra 21 days. Remembering that a solicitor's chargeable time racks up at £200 per hour, you'd have thought a bit of goodwill was worth 2 hours work. I rather doubt I'll be working incredibly hard for the next 3 weeks:-)

Still, at least I knew pretty much what was coming. Everyone else was pretty upset. Before Xmas, we were told the Family dept would close when the head of department left in mid-february, and everyone else would go when the firm closed in June. The letters given out today gave two unexpecting staff a leaving date of mid-feb and another two the end of March (I had told them that I doubted they would keep them past the end of the financial year, but they seemed disinclined to agree - this was the person who thought that they would pay her redundancy even if she left early, despte the fact that they wouldn't need to. yeah right!).

Oh well, that gives me exactly 20 days to find something else. I had best crack on with my begging letters! Although the 2ic in the department was pretty much offered a job today and said she would like to take me with her, which was nice:-) But i don't think I'll count on it. Plus there is a query over the location atm, so would like some other options. Suffice to say, we won't be spending any of my dad's xmas pressie yet - it may need to cover the mortgage for a while.

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  • At Monday, January 21, 2008 4:26:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I have read most of your comments and still do not think that your employer would be to happy about what you have said in past entries if they found out.

    God help the next people that have to work with you.


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