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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Money isn't everything

I know that. I understand that. I even believe that and have acted upon it, giving up a well paid job for a very low paid one. But sometimes it can be a baffling way of keeping score...

I've been holding the fort at work for the past couple of weeks. Last week the head of dept was on leave, and this week he is in court. No 2 in the dept is on leave most of last week and this week too and the junior person only works a couple of days a week anyway. It's not been a problem. They have sorted out as much as possible, left notes on what to do on everything foreseeable, and I can always pass on anything complicated to another solicitor who won't be able to help but is qualified to tell someone that:-) But it does mean that I have been doing quite a lot of "real" work - stuff that is actually costed and claimed for.

Yesterday I received a bill for a report that an "expert" had completed on a part of one of our cases. I am sure that the expert was well trained and experienced. I am sure that they put a lot of work, time and effort into their report. Indeed, they billed us for just over 100 hours work - which includes preparation, travel and observations. Their bill for this was slightly more than my full year's salary! For 100 hours, on one case.

i think I'm in the wrong job:-)

Oh well, i'm expecting 6 months pay for my car to turn up at the weekend. Of course, i have mentally spent it already, but still £6k is £6k :-)

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