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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Getting sorted

Clever Aggie spent this morning putting together LMD's mid-sleeper bed for her. It was a bit of work as we got it off freecycle, with some fixings, no instructions and from a guy who had never seen it put together in the first place! As we had collected not only the bed but some miscellaneous bits of wood and half a wardrobe as well, Aggie had to work out what went where, why and how before even starting the hard`work of assembling it. Along the way he discovered that some bits had already been "bodged a bit":-) and that it was 1cm longer than the previous bed we had in there, which meant it didn't actually fit between the walls!

But he managed to sort everything out and she now has her own bed with a ladder and a desk so she can be the same as LMB. It also means I can now really get knuckled down to sorting out all their stuff. I've almost finished sorting LMB's room. What she has got in there is all that she is having in there! I've just got the last couple of toy drawers to fill up and Aggie has to put up a shelf and she's done. If she wants anything else she will have to decide what will be removed to make space for it.

LMD's room will be the same hopefully in another week or so. Once I've worked out what she can have in there, everything else will be taken away and hopefully the concept of tidying up each day will be drummed into them:-)

I wonder if there are any indoor car boot sales around here? :-)

Next job is for us (Well, Aggie) to finish the last bits of DIY in the girls rooms and to get on with finishing our bedroom walls (long time readers will remember that this was on his To Do list over a year ago!) so that we can sort out our bedroom and then we are`well on our way to getting things sorted:-)

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  • At Monday, October 08, 2007 5:34:00 pm, Anonymous Nanny A said…

    why not have a garden table top sale! there have been a few in our village when people are about to move house and seem to be well attended. saves carting everthing to a muddy field.


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