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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I'm "special" me!

I went to the opticians today. I haven't been for seven or eight years, pretty much just because I'm too lazy/disorganised to get check ups when it aint broke in the first place! I had my eyes lasered about 10 years ago, which was fantastic - I would recommend it to anyone - and went back fairly regularly for a couple of years to make sure there were no problems. there weren't, and I had other pressures on my time, and it just sort of fell to the back of my priorities.

But a few weeks ago I noticed that I was getting more headaches - and they were coming after hard days at work staring at a computer screen. Once I thought about it, I started to notice that things weren't as clear as they used to be. Everything was starting to look a little fuzzy round the edges - which while it was a bonus in some ways as we all get older:-), was obviously something that needed to be checked out. So on Friday I popped into a local opticians, and made an appointment for lunch time today.

My optician was quite lovely - if only dentists could learn that kind of bedside manner! He checked through my history, didn't complain that io hadn't been for a decade or so, and had a good look in my eyes. "hmmmmm" he said thoughtfully, "that's strange."

he explained that there was no sign of either the laser traetment or my previous (severe) short sightedness. he would normally expect to see something of both. Also my optic nerve was totally round, and most people have a dip in it. Which makes me quite unusual. Add into that the fact that the optic nerve had "blurred bounderies" when it should be very defined (I have no idea what he was on about tbh) and he decided that it bore further checking out. So I got the full kit and kaboodle of eye tests, from puffy air to computer game flashing lights, and in the end he was happy that everything checked out fine - I was just "special".

Oh yes, and I have a really bad astigmatism in one eye and am very slightly short-sighted again. This is probably not a terrible thing as most people lose their near sight from their early 40's, which isn't amazingly far away. He asked whether i would be wanting laser surgery again, as he doubted that anyone would be willing to do it a second time. I pointed out that actually it would be a third time as they got it a bit wrong the first time and had to correct one eye with a second blast, but no, life was different now, my eyesight was not that bad and glasses would be fine for work & driving. Before I could not see my hand when held at arms length, whereas now it takes a millisecond to focus on small print at a distance - not quite the same!

He even came out and helped me chose a suitable frame - without immediately trying to flog me "designer" frames at silly prices. They should be ready in a week or so. Whooppee. he also tried to tell me that I ought to get my employer to pay for the test. I knew that, but said I didn't think it was worth fighting over for £18. I'm busy trying to persuade them to do bigger things at the moment, so I'm making a tactical decision to be one of those awful people who do not fight for their rights, and paid for it myself. tut tut, I am very unimpressed with myself, but the practicalities of a miserly small firm are that you can only fight one battle at a time...

Oh and Aggie has gone and got pleurisy - stupid boy! So he's not able to do a lot at the moment, what with having problems breathing and all. Just another excuse not to do the DIY if you ask me.... Still the doc has given him some antibiotics, so hopefully it will clear up in a week or so. THEN I'll have a nice list of things ready for him:-)

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