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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Woo Hoo

I know it's been a while since my last post, but there's not been a lot to say. Life has just been continuing really!

I'm past the nice introductory bit of my college course now and it's starting to get quite complicated. I'm managing to find a bit of time each week to do some stuff, but not really enough. I really want to keep up with the work this year and try and get a reasonable pass without secluding myself away and stressing about cramming for the last two weeks!

work is trudging along. Nothing new particularly. My typing is getting faster so I run out of work every now and then, which is boring. But then again, every now and then I have tons and tons of it, so it averages out. Shame it doesn't come through in a steady stream rather than stops and starts.

LMD has decided to be a baby again and has gone back into nappies full time:-( LMB is at that "screaming" age. She screams when she is happy, she screams when she is excited. She screams when she is angry. She screams when she is hurt. 4 year old screams are very loud and ver piercing:-(

Aggie is learning how to stay at home and we were starting to get into a bit of a routine. But it's half term now, so he's on child care duties. Next week it will be back to DIY:-) He will probably be officially finishing work at the end of November, so it's a while before we get any money still.

But my mother was contacted today by the competition people and it does seem that I actually have won a car! WOO HOO. They still have to register it to her, then we have to actually sell it, but WOO HOO! I won a car!!!!

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