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Friday, October 26, 2007

Radiator Pants

That light at the end of the tunnel is definitely getting brighter:-)

For the first time in ages, we made it through to the end of the month without hitting our overdraft limit. Obviously being in the black would be better, but not taking out more than we put in is a good start:-) Admittedly this was helped by Aggie getting the back pay he was owed, and my mum coughing up for all my travel to London (she even sent me a cheque to cover the extra train fare which was nice), but still, finances are `starting to seem manageable again at last.

This weekend we're off to try out our new re-enactment group. It's one we've had connections with for some years, but never joined for various reasons. Some of thise reasons do not exist any more and others are less important, and we're hoping to dual group next season so that we can still do plenty of events, but only local(ish) ones as the travelling is getting too much. Plus it gives us the chance to learn plenty of new stuff, and for the kids to make some new friends as there are more children in this group. Hopefully it will go well this weekend.

We've even had a couple of nights out - I went off to see Spamalot with sister S while in London for her birthday. It was very entertaining. I did not think much of the London Saturday night crowds though. I'm sure it's got worse in the past decade or so. I felt very provincial, which was strange. I know that i haven't lived in London for the whole of my adult life, and that I don't like it much, but it was strange to feel provincial in a city that I grew up in.

Then last night me and Aggie went off to see Russell Howard. Best known from Mock the Week, but he was far better than I expected. Not only laugh out loud hilarious, but spouting off some fairly fantastic political hits too. If you get the chance, go see him. If not, check him out on YouTube - but you'll have to wait until his 2007 tour is shown to find out why my life is feeling like radiator pants again at last.

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