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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Brighton Rocks Pebbles

I've spent the weekend in Brighton, at my sister's hen night weekend. She doesn't live there, but her twin sister & best friend from uni/sister of fiance do, and as they are the chief bridesmaids, it was held there.

I don't really get the attraction of Brighton. The beach is just pebbles, the shops are mostly restuarants or bars, and everything is massively over-priced. I did see some nice stuff on the markets etc, but at approx triple what I would pay at home!

Anyway, the weekend went better than expected in most ways. I was a bit worried - all four sisters together is usually a recipe for disaster, especially with my mother added in:-) And hen nights are often a bit strained as they ahve such differing people attending. But we survived it all - and it wasn't as expensive as I feared either - mostly because a) we are all too old to party all weekend now, and b) my little sisters are stunningly dull!

Still, I managed to get my mothers hotel bill reduced by 50%, which was nice. Shame it wasn't my bill, but there you go.....

I'll fill in the details another time. It took 6 1/2 hours to get home the 200 miles by train! I reckon that's an average 35 mph *fron* I'm off to try to catch up on all the housework & laundry now!

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