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Thursday, April 19, 2007

I must be doing something right

Work is still going well. I'm downstairs this week (and next week) covering reception as one of the "pool" typists is off on holidays. It's slightly annoying as I have to keep stopping what i'm doing to answer the phone or sort out something boring;-) But otherwise it's not as bad as the upstairs people were making out. Of course, I'm not very good at office politics, so maybe I'm just not noticing it too much. There is a real upstairs / downstairs feel from the people downstairs. still, I think they are right to move towards department secretaries rather than pool typists - I'm starting to be trusted to take the majority of family phone calls and ven actually talk to clients and progress the case on some things - especially when the partner is off in court. The second fee-earner has taken to saying "just write something like ormal" rather than dictating every single word, which is good too - it means I can write in proper English rather than the questionable phrases they use:-)

I've also had permission to go off and do a course. It's just a one day thing aimed at legal sec's (and paralegals), but it's something they have not sent anyone else on, so i've been asked to keep it quiet. I'm quite chuffed that they think it worth spending money on me after only a couple of months.

One of our big clients came in to the office today (big as in big case, not big as in Mr Big!), and made a special point of coming over to thank me for all the times I've spoken to her on the phone. I'm not keen on crying people, and she pretty much always cries, so it was nice to hear I'd handled it OK.

it was a bit upsetting when I left the last post, and I know that at least some of the other secretaries think I'm sciving by leaving early three days a week, so it's nice to have some affirmiation that I'm really quite good at what I do:-) Everyone needs to hear it now and again.

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  • At Friday, April 20, 2007 7:57:00 pm, Blogger craziequeen said…

    You are fabulous at everything you do.......

    I should know!


  • At Friday, April 20, 2007 8:36:00 pm, Blogger Juggling Mother said…

    Yeah, right! So how come I'm working for minimum wage, with a crippled husband and a behaviourly challenged son?

    Oh yes, and my mother never misses the opportunity to tell me I'm fat, and my sister called me a lazy slob at the weekend.

    *sigh* Lucky I don't think much of their life choices really, isn't it? :-)


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