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Thursday, April 05, 2007

oooooooh! A TT Thursday!

Thirteen Things we have hand made for the first event of the season this weekend:
Formatting still being sortd. Sorry

1 A Tunic for Mstr A, in his house colours, as he will be a page to the young Lord Hungerford (slight historical license there, since the young lord Hungerford is not yet born:-)! )

Note the precise tailoring around the hips, showing off his pert little bottom, as per fashion of the time!

2 Some mail mitts for Mstr A, so he can practise his sword fighting skills without having his fingers chopped off! He only has a wooden sword, but they can still pack quite a punch. The mail was made by his lord and givn as a Xmas present. Aggie had to get the gloves and sew the mail on though.

Please note - these are MAIL gloves, not chainmail. That is a modern affectation, unecessary in the medieval period when there was only the one type of mail anyway!

3. And, of course, an undershirt for Mstr A. Woven wool is rather itchy, so a nice linen shirt is vital.

4. Along the same lines, here is my underdress. I am halfway through making a new overdress too, but it's not finished yet:-( The kids stuff took priority as I have one dress that fits OK enough, and they keep growing out of theirs!

You may notice that it is armless - I am hoping these will be finished by tomorrow!

You can't see it too well in the picture, but this has to be exact measurements to fit to my body. There were no bra's in the 14th century, and I am niether particularly small up top, nor "pert" after 30 mumble years and three kids! Comfort is achieved by good tailoring, which is not my forte! It's the first year I've made my own, so here's hoping it works!

5. LMB's underdress was much easier - pretty much straight up and down:-)

6. But she does get a pretty overdress to wear. Two colour, with a real silk band round the edge too. I didn't weave that though - my weaving still comes out pretty lumpy!

This year she will get her own metal clasp too - I have a nice dragon one she can use. Hopefully she won't lose it!

7. And because we ARE camping in North Wales in April, a cloak to keep her toastie warm while running around:-)

8. LMD wanted a nice new blue dress too - and was promised one - but it's not done yet:-( But she does have a lovely blue cloak. I made it for the end of last season, where it earned her the nickname Yoda, as she toddled around in her cloak, using incorrect syntax and saying "mmmmm" a lot:-) I think the group may be surprised at her speech this year!

9. She does get a pretty underdress though. Made to be wearable as a simple shift on it's own if it gets hot during the summer. And when we're in Italy next month.

10. Here's the biggie: Aggie's tunic. Not only is there a lot of Aggie to cover, but our new status as yeomen or free merchants means that we have to show off our wealth with bright multi-coloured and labour intensive clothing.

11. And lets not forget pants! Or breeches as they ought to be known. Obviously we all need these items. The ones in the picture are LMD's - so you can guess the size of the others!

12. Equally important are shoes. Aggie spent ages researching the best designs and most comfortable shoes for LMB last year. Then she went and grew out of them within weeks! Grrrr. We are slowly building up a selection of shoes now though:-)

13. And last, but not least, a fully hand sewn, authentic doll. I made two - one for each of the girls, because sticks and stones will only keep them occupied for so long. About 12 hours at a stretch as far as I can tell:-) As overheard by a MOP (member of the public) watching the kids play in the dirt "you wouldn't see modern kids playing like that". Ummm, do you think they thought there were REALLY in 1370?

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