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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Blow wind, blow...ow....ow...ow!

We've got serious wind issues here again -and no, I am not talking about Aggie (although him too), but about the ridicously strong winds blowing across most of the UK.

It was way too windy to take the kids to school on the bike, so we all trundled off on foot even earlier than usual (well, Me, Mstr A and LMB were on foot. LMD was on me). We got to nursery as it opened then I trotted Mstr A to school in double time so made it with 5 mins to spare:-) There was some luckless child waiting at the gates telling every arrival to go straight to class & not stop and play:-( I know that there are real safety issues in schools about high winds, but it seems such a shame to stop the kids playing outside at all - the wind is just so much fun when you are light enough to actually be blown around.

It was a long walk home into the wind - then I had to go out again as I had forgotten the girls bags in the early morning rush! So when it came time for me to go down to town & sign on, I thought I would save the time & cycle. I'm big enough and heavy enough to weather a bit of weather!

So, off I go, out the gate, onto the road, a gust of wind blows me straight back into the curb at just the wrong angle, the buike goes over with me trapped under it & skidding/being blown 10metres down the road. Fortunately no cars were coming! But one bloody & swollen kneee, one bruised and swollen knee, one scraped elbow, on pair of ripped trousers, and the chain & saddle of my bike:-(

No time to do anyting other than change my trousers & bodge the bike, then ride more carefully down to the jobcentre arriving with 1 minute to spare.

They're running late. I sit and wait for 20 minutes as my knee slowly siezes up, and the blood trickles down my shin. I consider asking for the first aid kit, but as I didn't do it there it's a bit rude, plus I'd probably miss my appointment while getting it sorted, which isn't worth it.

I sign on, have a quick chat about how I am looking for work, honest, then hobble home leaning on the bike for support:-( And I'm starving now as it's an hour past my lunchtime!

I was going to make a shepherds pie for supper, but I don't think I want to now. I'm going to sit and blog with an ice-pack instead:-)

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