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Friday, January 12, 2007

Weathering a Princess Bride

Aggie told me last night that the weather was set to get much worse over the next few days so I decided not to try to lug the girls all the way to school and back on the bike trailer in case of high winds, and pulled out the pram, buggy board & scooter for Mstr A. The girls were delighted with the idea - confused, as LMB sat in the pram & LMD on the buggy board, but delighted. Mstr A accepted the scooter idea after a short while, and we all set out, 15 minutes earlier than usual!

Of course it wasn't long before the girls started arguing about who should be where, but we managed well enough most of the way there. Shame there was virtually no wind at all really! Because the way home was a com plete disaster - LMD wanted to walk, which was OK, but then refused to get back in the pram & and wanted "up" instead. LMB refused to walk & wanted to sit on the buggy board the whole time which pouts the whole thing well off balance!

It was quite exhausting walking the two miles in the end. I'm thinking I might well cycle up this evening and let Mstr A keep up as best he can on the scooter!

LMB is the laziest speaker in the world, and we have been working hard to try to improve her pronunciation of words. She is not very co-operative & just sulks as soon as we correct her, which is really annoying! I did finally manage to bribe her into saying "th" last night, but it hasn't lasted:-( However, she has suddenly rediscovered food, and is eateing everything and anything. I expect it means I'll have to buy even more clothes soon as she grows again. She is incredible tall now - and very skinny. All her trousers just fall off her:-(

She has also found a new word to favour: "Impossible". She uses this at least a dozen times a day. She sounds like Vizzini in The Princess Bride:-) In fact, it's probably the most coherant word she says. I despair of her being ready to start school in September!


  • At Sunday, January 14, 2007 9:42:00 am, Blogger RCA said…

    My little bro was very similar with language - it did lead to our mother yelling at him in pure despair that he was never going to manage to go to school if he couldn't talk and he needed to sort it out!

    He did once he started, communicating with his peers was the driver and he's now so loquacious he's considering going into politics!


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