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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Moving along

I have decoided to stop behaving like I am on holiday and get on with things!

The great laundry mountain is no more:-)

I sent out 8 on spec letters yeterday, applied for one job, and requested the application packs for two more. I am being sensible this time though, and only applying for Part Time posts, within walking/cycling distance. As I would have to earn way over £20k to actually take any money home, I am not getting stressed about what the pay is, and will happily take anything from minimum wage upwards, provided it gives me somewhere to go and something to do!

I have bagged up all the old clothes and put them on freecycle.

If it ever stops raining I will dig over our new vegetable patch (it was going to be a deck, but decks cost money, so now it will be a veg patch), and plant something yummy.

I have prepared tonights supper, and planned tomorrows!

I have phoned the child tax credit people, who say they won't pay out any child care costs if I am not working, even though that will mean I lose the places, so that I CAN'T work! And even though it goes against the Gov't policy of pre-school education for all 3 year olds! However, the nice lady did say that perhaps I should defer telling them about my change of circumstances for a short while and if I get another job quickly, just change the details of my work. Hmmmm, you try and do the right thing.......

Aggies arthritis was really bad earlier in the week, completely paralising his right hand and shoulder:-( So he was at home - which is my excuse for not doing alot:-) He went to his first physiotherapy session on Tuesday, and got lots of helpful advice & exercises to do. Unfortuantely he also learned that the treatments for normal arthritis do not work at all on the Psioritic kind, so he can expect it to continue deteriorating from now on:-( I have started making my plans for the future on the basis that he will not be able to look after the kids in any major way.

The wind is unbelievable here at the moment. I can cycle Mstr A to school with just three of four rotations of the pedals, as the wind freewheels me the whole way:-) Coming home is quite another matter though as I struggle just to move into the headwind! My legs are seriously feeling the burn! Still, I'm sure it's doing me some good really.

Right, blog-break over. Back to the grindstone for me.


  • At Thursday, January 11, 2007 5:59:00 pm, Blogger Sadie Lou said…

    sounds like a mother's work is never finished for you as well as for me! I find that just sitting down to do some blogging feels like a giant waste of time when there are toilets that need to be scrubbed and fresh toothpaste glued to the side of the sink in the kid's bathroom!

  • At Friday, January 12, 2007 9:22:00 am, Blogger Emily said…

    tax credit hell! There is just too much systm and nit enough sense.

    Wind bad here on the coast in kent. Spun the pram around and I only just caught it!

  • At Friday, January 12, 2007 9:35:00 am, Blogger RCA said…

    Taxes, health and weather - well not everything can be perfect ;-)

    Good positive go getting attitude there Mrs A I am impressed.


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