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Monday, January 01, 2007

Home again

We're home again at last. It feels like it's been a really long haul this year!

Despite the lack of sleep, everything went pretty well. The kids all got a good haul of pressies, my father gave us a nice fat cheque which has already bought us a new food processor as the motor on the old one died jut before Xmas, and the family all managed a day together with minimal arguments:-)

LMB & cousin G played really well together pretty much all the time we were there, with LMD tgging along most of the time, and Mstr A joining in whenever he could tear himself away from the gameboy. My mother and sister both commented on the improvement in Mstr A's behaviour, which was nice as usually I get a lecture from my mother & sympathy mixed with relief that he's not hers from my sister about the way he behaves!

Sister S went out for New Year, so Cousin G had a sleepover with LMB, which delighted them both. We saw in the New Year in the normal way - with a non-alcohlic drink and watching absolute rubbish on the TV:-) I still feel pretty rubbish today though - the culmination of three nights with very little sleep. I'm quite looking forwad to everything getting back to normal (whatever that is) tomorrow, and having some time to get myself sorted out a bit.

Happy New Year to all my readers. Heres hoping 2007 will be good to us:-)


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