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Monday, December 18, 2006

All done

The christmas shopping is all done! The last few pieces were finished today:-) I'm quite impressed really. Just the rest of the wrapping, and the food shop to do now!

I also started my claim for Job Seekers Allowance today - it's all done on the phone now, which is soooooo much easier than the last time I tried to claim anything, way back in the 90's. They'll phone me back tomorrow to complete the claim, which should go through without any problem as far as I, and today's phone man, can see. An extra £45.00 a week will make a massive difference, so i hope there's no problem.

LMB was sick at nursery today, so we had to collect her early & they won't let her back until at least Thursday:-(

And I've got a seven dwarves cold - sneezy, snotty & sleepy, along with woolly head, painful throat, sniffles and icthy eyes:-(


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