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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


More birthday's, more partying:-)

On Sunday we braved the North Circular to go into Beckton for cousin G's birthday party.

WHY, WHY, WHY, and WHY do people live there? The N. circ was backed at the Ilford junction, so we thought we'd be clever & go straight through East Ham high st. BAD, bad idea! It took over an hour to go the 9 miles from my mothers house to the gym, through some of the most depressing places I have seen in a long time! And I could understand living in cramped squalour if it was cheap, but every single one of those tiny 1 bed flats and bedsits cost at least double the price of our 5 bed house! WTF?

Anyway, we got there late, but so did everyone else;-) The poor owner (we've known him for about 25 years) was browbeaten into giving us some extra time in the gym to make up for it (well, there was no-one booked in after us, and it's good customer service as well as being a bad idea to annoy the most powerful person in London gymnastics - not sure which one was most important to him tho *grin*). All the kids had a fantastic time, and Mstr A behaved wonderfully considering all the other children were 2 or 3 years old:-) Sister S had seriously over-catered (it's a trend in our family), so there was plenty of food for the adults too.

We headed straight home afterwards, expecting the kids to sleep in the car after their exhausting day. Mstr A was snoring happily within a few minutes, but the girls both stayed awake the whole 3 1/2 hour journey home! Brats!

Now we're back it's aggie's families turn to have birthdays - with BiL S's tomorrow & Aggies on Thursday! A busy (&expensive0 few weeks, but fun.


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