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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Birthday's galore

We're back in London again this weekend. We should have been going on holiday to cornwall, but my mother threw such a hissy fit that we were going to miss cousin G's 3rd birthday party, that I gave in and changed the dates. Which is annoying as the weather is not likely to be so good in another week's time, it means we'll miss most of the Cosmeston re-enactment, which I really wanted to do, and my sister didn't even want this party to go ahead anyway!

Still, here we are. Today we had a BBQ & family get-together for my mother's 65th. Except sister A couldn't get here (she lives in N. Ireland & is a teacher, so a bit busy at this time of year anyway!), and my brother & BiL all refused to come during the England match all afternoon, and my father phoned to say that his normal taxi firm wasn't taking bookings today cos of the footie and he couldn't be bothered to look up any other numbers, so he didn't come, my baby brother isn't in touch with anyone (occasional intermittant text messages only), so he wasn't there, and SiL was on a course today and couldn't make it until the evening.....

So all us aginoths were here all day. Brother I turned up at 1pm & watched TV. Sister S, BiL, cousin G & sister H all turned up after the footie at 3pm. The kids spent all afternoon nagging for cake:-) My mother tried to sort out her brand new BBQ hrself, without having any idea of what to do, so when Aggie went to check it at 5pm (when she brought all the rest of the food out), he discovered it was cold, mostly unlit, and only had half the coal it needed anyway. Sister H started mumbling about train times back to Brighton & leaving soon.....We ate the buffet food & waited an extra hour for the BBQ!

Oh well. She probably had fun. She got her pressie (a PVR), and the kids played in the paddling pool together. Everyone has gone home & all the kids are in bed now. Phew.

Tomorrow we get to go to cousin G's birthday party, at a gymnastics centre a few miles away. Along with 2 dozen or so 2 and 3 year olds. ooooooh, fun!

Wednesday is BiL S's birthday (Aggie's brother), and Thursday is Aggies, so it's gonna be a busy week.


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