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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Timeless persuits

Today we had a rest day, and decided to stay at home. It was a beautiful day, so we wandered down to the beach for the afternoon.

it was LMD's first real taste of the beach, and she was very unsure of the feel of the sand on her toes to start with, but soon followed Mstr A & LMB down to the marine lake to dig holes, make castles, splash water & generally get as dirty as possible.

LMB soon stripped off all her clothes & jumped in the water, and even Mstr A was persuaded to take his shirt off and play with some other kids.

The great thing about living in a seaside resort is that nearly everyone else there is on holiday & feeling very relaxed about letting their kids go off and play. The sad thing about living in the seaside resort of weston is that the sand resembles concrete once it is stuck onto you, and the sea is non-existant! Still, who needs the sea when there is water in the boating pool?

We finally dragged them all home for supper, a bath & now to bed - all tuckered out and hopefully slepping till late in the morning:-)

Why spend fortunes going to theme parks, educational hands-on exhibitions and real-life role-plays when they have so much fun & get so healthy just throwing sand around?


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