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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Confusion abounds

I woke up this morning to about a cm of snow settled accross the land - a rare sight on the SW coast of England:-)

LMB was enchanted when we opened her curtains,

"Cwissmasstime" she exclaimed, "I like cwissmass"

I explained; "It's not Christmas, it's just snowy"

"Yes, snowy" she agreed, and proceeded downstairs. "Open my Cwissmass presents now?"

"no presents. It's not Christmas. Just snowing."

"ooooohhhhh" her face falls, her lips tremble, I see her getting ready to let out the dreaded wail of disappointment, quick, think of something...

"you can wear your wellie boots and play in the snow if you like"

"wow! Wellie boots! Yay!"

Harrah. Tantrum avoided:-)

PS - 2 "snow storms" later & we're getting all sorts of dire arnings about the end of civilisation as we know it. I mean, how could we possible continue if we get more than an inch of settled snow?


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