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Thursday, January 15, 2009


It's been a busy week of 1sts for me.

Yesterday was my first day totally on my own at the CAB. It was a busy day, and I saw four clients and survived all of them:) I think I did OK, most went away happy anyway - in fact one even specifically asked if they could see me next time (as she would have to come back in a couple of weeks) - which was nice. I actually feel very relieved that I've done it properly now, and ready to take on whatever comes through the doors next week.

Today I did my first session teaching 1st aid at the kids school. I had half of Mstr A's class, including Mstr A. I was really pleased with how it went. My timings worked out perfectly, and I'm fairly certain they all enjoyed it, and learned something useful. Teacher & kids all thanked me at the end, which was also nice. I used my new magic whiteboard. it was fantastic. I'm very pleased with it. I saw the Dragons Den it was on, and remember being totally smitten with the idea & yelling at the idiot dragon who "couldn't see why anyone would want to use that rather than a proper whiteboard". Obviously he doesn't attend presentations in scout huts, school halls or people's front rooms! All of which are fairly standard for me!

I've got a peads course starting at the weekend. I've re-written my session plan to fit the new manual, which has been written for the new syllabus (which isn't in yet, but why teach something that is going out, when you can teach something that is coming in!). I've also completely revamped my powerpoint presentation, so I hope it goes down well! Had a bit of a technical panic when the light projector I intended to borrow did not exist any more! But have managed to source one to borrow this weekend, and have bought a second hand one for future use, as professional prresentation is becoming more and more important, and if I really want to keep doing this, I'm going to need more than a whiteboard and a few handouts. I really love teaching first aid. Today reminded me again how much. But I really don't like all the networking & marketing that goes along with being self employed:( Ho Hum. I s'pose I'll stick to doing bits and pieces on the side then..... Although, maybe I'll get something out of the school sessions. hmmmmmm.

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