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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One (green) finger one thumb keep moving

We've been busy busy busy again.

I have managed to completely (almost) unpack everything from the holiday (no mean feat for me, as I tend to leave everything wherever it is until needed), AND catch up with the laundry! I've written my letter of complaint, and looked up the details of local (to Weymounth) newspapers and Tourist Info places to cc it to:-) It's not sent yet though as I'm waiting for Aggie to burn off the photo's onto a CD.

With th first bank holiday Monday off for years, we decided to sort out the garden a bit (again!). We were doing really well through the spring, but then it rained, and rained, and rained for months on end, and everything grew and nothing was weeded, cut back or dug up! So yetsreday we spent the day out there cutting back everything we couldn't cut down, cuttimg down everything we could, and clearing away most of what was left. I had a great time burning half a bay tree - although it would have been easier if Aggie hadn't shredded all our old, dry wood with his new toy of a garden shredder! I pulled up the last of our spring onions. We had a fair few back in the spring when they were just perfect, but they are looking a bit past it now! Ho hum. I'm still impressed that we managed to grow them! The leeks are still growing and should be ready in another month or so. Aggie has to mow the lawn now - before my mother & sister turn up on Friday for LMB's birthday - which I hope will be held in the garden thereby saving me the effort of clearing up the house:-)

LMB is getting ever so excited about starting school now. We brought her new school shoes yesterday too. LMD was ever so put out that she didn't get any new shoes! Aggie brought all of the kids school uniform today (nearly). She looks so grown up (and cute) in her grey pinny. But I think she will probably prefer the gingham summer dresses!

I was back at work today. And straight into it. There were a few problems last week in the department, so there was plenty of "urgent" work to keep me busy. Which is better than twiddling my thimbs as I was doing just before I left. Although having to redo an hour work three times because of other peoples mistakes didn't go down fantastically well! I ahve written a couple of letters to companies I would like to work for - but haven't sent them yet. I'm still thinking about it......

LMD was back at pre-school today - on her own. She was fine about it, and not at all bothered that LMB wasn't with her. And she made it right through the whole, long day without needing a change once! That's the first time ever she's made it completely clean and dry through a day! watch me do the no more nappies dance:-))))))

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