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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I'm surrounded by them!

Did I mention that at work yesterday I sorted out 8 large lever arch files of trial bundle. that's all the documets that have been put forward as evidence in a trial. Most cases reach 1, 2 or even 3 files full, but this particular case is a doozer:-) Our firm needs a copy, as does our counsel/barrister, and also the court. Sometimes we get to make them up for the other side(s) too, and occasionally even the client. Each bundle has to be identical to the others and paginated in strict accordance with court rules. My job was to check the three sets of bundles we had and ensure they were identical and all up to date, photocopy anything that should be there but wasn't, remove anything that shouldn't be there but was, paginate everything, then make up a separate batch of "stuff" that was not included in the official documents but might be useful for us.

Then I wrapped them all up nicely - 2 files to a parcel, labled them and took them down to the post room.

Then the solicitor realised that the front cover on each folder had to be amended. So i took them all back upstairs, unwrapped them all carefully (new wrappings would be an extravagance - I was re-using old ones already), changed the front cover and wrapped them all up again. And carried all eigh bundles back downstairs to the post room.

Then the solicitor realised that she hadn't included three large documents that had just come in so were not indexed yet. Downstairs, collect, upstairs, unwrap, slot in new papaer, re-wrap, take downstairs.

Then at 450pm she remembered that actually, they weren't going to the address she had given me, but to a different one altogether. Quick change of labels, then a mad rush to get them to the collection point over the road. jogging while carrying 8 lever arch files wrapped in plastic is not fun!

Today, the decorators finally turned up to paper LMB's room. They were supposed to come before we went on holiday, but didn't turn up! Then they were supposed to come yesterday, but soemhow, didn't make that either. they finally arrived around 10.00am today. They were supposed to put up new paper, with a sticky big border round the room to break up the pinkness! Which is EXACTLY what they had taken down 10 days ago. By the time I get home at 3.30pm and stick my head round the door they seem to be about 75% through the papering, which seemed fair enough for half way through the day. So when they came down 40 mins later saying they ahd finished I was a bit surprised. That is because the idiots had only papered half the room, then stuck the border on the bottom half. Which is a) not what they were asked to do, b) not what they took down, c) not going to stay up as borders are designed to stick to allpaper not wall! and d) means the border will be completely hidden but he furniture when it is returnd to the room.

The insurance company called this evening to ask if we were happy with the work. um, NO!!!!! We said they will ahve to come back and do it again. But it means LMB will not be back in her room for her birthday!

AND, on top of that, not only did they do a pretty awful job of clearing up after themselves, but they did it with MY vacuum cleaner, then left all their rubbish (including the old plaster) behind! I have told them that if it not gone by Friday midday we will be charging them for it's removal.


Anyway. I ahve written and printed my letter of complaint to Haven. And attached a CD full of photo's of the problems. And cc's it to Holiday Which?, the local newspaper and Tourist Info. I'll post it from work tomorrow. They've got 14 days to make us an offer of compensation so we'll just have to wait and see what they say. I amy even post some of the photo's here for you to cringe at:) I suppose I'd best get on with the letter to the bloody insurance company now!

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  • At Thursday, August 30, 2007 2:52:00 pm, Blogger RCA said…

    And breath...

    The world is a frustrating, irritating and often obnoxious place but try to focus on the positives and all...

    Still decorators do sound a tad useless


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