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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Haven Holiday Hell in pictures

Just to keep you amused, and to remind myself that despite the minute amount of housework I do, I do not live in squalour, here are some pictures of the apartment we were given at Haven, Weymouth Bay for our summer holiday. Remember, this is billed as a family camp - bring your babies and grandparents - which is what we did, and why we refused the accomodation!

The two bedrooms! The stain you can see on the walls is rising damp - wet enough to soak through the pillow, duvet and mattress of the beds overnight!

And I thought MY windows needed a clean!
mmmmm. nice! This was part of the open plan living/dining/kitchen area!
There's more...... but Aggie is still uploading them onto Flickr, so I'll have to do another post later.

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