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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sink or swim

Mstr A had his second swimming lesson today. I'm not sure how much h is getting out of them. Although this teacher is pretty good at keeping him under control, and mostly with the group, he is not really learning a lot as he needs constant attention to "remember" what to do, and she, obvioulsy, has to give some atention to the other 9 kids in th group (greedy bastards - I only ever had a MAXIMUM of 8, and tried to keep it to 6 when I taught - and when I managed the swim scheme's!).

I'm going to try getting in with him next week and see how that goes - although the two problems with that are a) it really distinguishes him from the rest of the group and b) it means Aggie either has to come along & keep the girls occupied on poolside for half an hour, or he keeps them at home and they dont get to go swimming:-(

It was LMD's turn to come in after the lesson today. She is such a mummy's clone:-) Despite the fact that, being a terrible parent, I haven't taken her swimming more than half a dozen times in the past year she happly ran into the pool, ducked her head under the water, and happily kicked around while holding onto a woggle. In fact, within a minute or two, I was no longer allowed to touch her - even when she decided to walk down the steps and right out of her depth! Mstr A was the absolute opposite, even though i took him swimming every week from 6 weeks old till 2 and a half. By four, he was still petrified of getting his face wet, clinging onto the side/me all the time & sunk like a stone as soon as he went more than knee deep in water. Aggie hates swimming - he still won't put his face in the water (Mstr A is happy to do so now) and would probably never have sumerged himself in water at all if he hadn't met me:-) LMB is also quite the water baby & loves splashing around - although she's not as au fait with submerging as LMD. It must be something genetic.



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