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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love and marriage

LMB has just come downstairs, dressed in her fairy princess dress, to inform us that she and LMD are getting married now:-)

Mstr A told me yesterday that he was trying to decide whether to marry M (a girl) or R (a boy) now. He used to know he was going to marry A (a girl) at his old school, after being told that Nanny A was off the market, but it's a more difficult decision at his new school with so many frinds! I told him that either M or R would be lovely, but he couldn't have babies with R (although R would probably be richer). Do you think my mother would be happy that he married "in" if he married R? :-)

We let him stay up for the first hour of comic relief last night. They showed a film about internet sexual grooming. It was terribly difficult trying to explain about sex being good & bad in different circumstances, when he really doesn't understand what it is in the first place! I'm not sure I did a great job of explaining both the physical what it is alongside the emotional when & why it is. I eventually gave up and just said it was something that was only good when you were grown up, and perhaps we should discuss it again another time. Cop out! Maybe I should get some books - but my mother did the whole physical/biological explanation for all of us very young, and it still didn't explain ANY of the important facts about sex, and we all had slightly warped idea's to work through as teenagers! It's such a minefield - and he's only 6!

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