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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yay me! I've just finished my final essay for the law course I've been doing this year.

And the deadline isn't until Friday, so that's a first for me - usually I'd still be frantically scribbling at 3am on Friday morning for a 9am deadline!

Actually, i think the final essay is a pile of crap that will barely scrape na pass. But since I just need a pass to get a distinction overall (and therefore get out of one exam over the next two years if i continue with the course), I don't care. I'm sure that says something very profound about my personality.

Or maybe it just says that I'm lazy.

Or pragmatic - why do more than you have to?

Or perhaps just a bit pressed for time right now.

Anyway's. It's done. The course was interesting. Not too taxing, but a good re-introduction to the subject. 15 years is such a long time in law - especially considering almost every single statute commonly used has been rewritten since then, and our entry into the EU has wiped away most of our case law - and even our legal processes, not to mention the sweeping changes this government has made to the judiciary.... Still, much of it was common knowledge to me:-) I will probably go on to next years course, ahough it's a two year proper course, so I might have to actually work a bit harder:-) Although it's an exam only course, which will be better than essays and deadlines.


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