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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

It's oh so quiet....

It's all silent in the Aginoth House. Aggie is off on some Leadership course for three days., staying in a plush five star hotel - 15th Century I think! I reckon it must cost the Government £500 a person (without the tutor fees, lost work time etc), so now you know where all your hard earned tax Punds are going. Do you think they'd just give us the £500 & let Aggie stay in some dodgy B&B instead if we asked? It would be much more useful.

Anyway, the kids are all in bed. I'm having cheese & jam sarnies for supper (yum, but Aggie doesn't think it counts as real food, so i never get to eat them usually), playing a bit of civ, then having a long bath, a good read and an early night.



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