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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Thursday Thirteen

Following last weeks miserable 13, I thought I'd go with a happy 13 this week........

Thirteen Things that have made me happy this week
  1. Mstr A has got a place at his new school starting in September. I'm feeling very relieved, both because I think it will be a much better environment for him, and because I am no longer battling my personal ethics every day. As LMB will be attending the adjoining pre-school every afternoon too, September is starting to look really good to me:-)

  2. Happy families - i am finally starting to see some pay-off for having three kids, as they spend more and more time playing together nicely & safely. They still need plenty of supervision, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. LMB is finally fully potty trained in the daytimes. In fact, she's toilet trained for poo's, and although she still prefers the potty for wee's, she goes there herself, empties it down the toilet herself, flushes & washes the potty herself. Lazy mummy, moi?

  4. LMD has finally discovered that speech is there as a communication aid & is using her words to make her wishes known. This makes for a happier baby and a happier mummy.
  5. Nanny A took the girls out for the day yesterday so i could get my essays written (well, I've only got one left now anyway), and they came back with a new pair of sandals each. As a school freind gave me two binbags full of clothes a couple of months ago, I should be able to make it through to autumn without buying anything other than underwear for my kids now:-)

  6. I finally made the appointment with my Dr to have my coil removed. I hate it & it has turned me into a moody, stroppy, tired, uncomfortable & depressed person.

  7. I boked my train tickets to London to stay with my mother in august (yuk). A single for me & the three kids came to just £16.50. I was pleasently shocked. (the most expensive ticket offered for the same journey was £175)

  8. Aggies boss got offered a new job. this will hopefully give Aggie a chance to "act up" for a while (with pay) and maybe even take the role on permently when they advertise it.

  9. We've been spending hours looking at holiday brochures, trying to work out where we might be able to afford to go on our tesco vouchers next year. I know most of the destinations are beyond us, but it's nice to think about what might be.

  10. Aggie has finally sealed the bathroom floor. I am going to lay the tiles now & have our bathroom back in use by next week............... just the ceiling to do now;-)

  11. Mstr A won the fancy dress competition at his school fete on saturday. he went in his re-enactmet gear as Medieval Mstr A, but still, it's the first time his ever agreed to wear fancy dress at all, and he was well impressed by winning.

  12. We had friends round for alcohol and board games on saturday. I got drunk & stayed up chatting until 2am. I almost felt like a person again:-) although when i had to get up with the kids at 6am I didn't feel tip top:-)

  13. We tidied up the (downstairs of the) house ready for our night of drunken revelry, and it's still tidy! I like having a tidy house, and we've had space to do all sorts of fun thing that I don't usually manage.
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