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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Thriteen - My week

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My Week

Another summery of the previous week

1. We spent a long weekend visiting my sister in Lisburn, Northern Ireland

2. She is a trainee Educational Psychologist & gave me loads of info about Autistic Spectrum Disorders to read through

3. It seems pretty certain that Mstr A has some kind of ASD

4. If I can get it officially diagnosed, life will be much easier for him at school. Now I know what I have to tell the EP's & Dr's, hopefully it will be diagnosed sooner rather than later.

5. LMB knocked a tooth out while we were away. I don't think she's even noticed, but I feel terrible every time she smiles.

6. We flew Easyjet, which Mstr A has slightly fixated on. After watching a documentary on them, I'm glad we didn't fly RyanAir.

7. We were delayed both directions and had nowhere to wait with three bored & excited kids.

8. The staff were fantastic on both journeys, and even allowed Mstr A to chat to the pilot in the cockpit.

9. LMD screamed for the whole flight there

10. Aggie managed to pick up a strep infection while we were there

11. He has kindly brought it home & given it to me. Now my throat feels like I've been swallowing razorblades, and I've virtually lost my voice

12. It's half Term here, so I have all three kids running around, and my voice would be really useful!

13. I took all of them swimming yesterday (!!!), and Mstr A swam a whole width on his front, and his back (with floats), jumped in & put half his face under the water. This is an enormous improvement/achievement for him and I'm very proud.

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