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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thriteen - My week

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about My week

1. LMD turned 1 year old on Monday

2. There were 11 children at her Birthday party on Saturday, which is waaay too many to have in my house

3. Trodden in poo is neither easy, nor fun to get out of hallway carpets!

4. Mothers who don't even apologise when their child poo's on my stairs will not be invited back to my house.

5. LMD has taken amazingly well to having her feeds stopped, and has not seemed at all bothered by the total absense of milk in her diet now

6. I finally chucked in my job this week

7. I wrote a nasty letter of resignation & just sent the computer, phone etc back to them without any prior warning, so I feel that a reference is remarkably unlikely:-)

8. I reckon I'm not quite done with them yet, as I suspect they will not pay me at the end of this month, or certainly not my expences (still owed Dec & Jan's).

9. I have no job to go to, and it's a scary thought. Aggies salary does not cover our outgoings, even when pared down to the minimum spend.

10. I have enough work booked through my own company that we can live for three months. After that I either have to be employed & have my first wages paid, or have more work booked in, and the spring is traditionally a quiet time for my company.

11. For the first time ever, I was not desperate for my mother to leave during her visit.

12. I feel that all my children now have some sort of familial relationship with my mother, and I do not have to work at keeping her away from any of them (although neither can I leave them alone with her).

13. every now & then my mother talks about retiring to Weston to be closer to me & my family. I have absolutely no idea why, as she shows no sign of interest in, or ability to actually help with the kids. i am not against the idea though. it would mean that I could go back to work properly & without worry as they get older. But i'm not convinced it will ever happen:-)

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